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Moon Craft is a topdown survival game on the moon! You play as a character who has the rare ability to not require breathing, he can walk around empty space without a worry! This game was made for the JamCraft 5 game jam, where the theme was Aliens or Expire. This game incorporates Aliens as enemies to fight from the moon, and is based around crafting, cooking and fusion. I hope you enjoy playing, and good luck against the foul Aliens!


WASD - move around
E - open inventory
Q - open crafting menu (if near workbench)
F - eat consumable item
SPACE - hit enemy/tile

This game can currently only be played in 1080p, but I will work on resolution changing in the future. Java is also required to play, if you do not have it you can download it here: java.com/downloads


Your stamina will go down depending on the tool you are using, be careful because if it reaches zero, you can't kill enemies!

Your hunger will go down depending on how much you move around, don't let it reach zero or you will take damage.

If your health reaches zero, you will game over - but you will respawn in the same world, so don't worry!

Aliens will seek you if near, and can do some serious damage!

Try to craft better tools and weapons so that you can break more blocks and kill enemies faster.


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